India 2017 March 14, 2017 15:06

I'm really excited to get started on my new projects after returning from a two week visit to India, where I met some incredibly talented craftsmen and visited beautiful and inspiring sites. Here are a few pictures of my favourite places to visit in Jaipur and Delhi:

Anokhi Museum of hand printing

What an inspirational place! To see the building so beautifully restored to make the perfect space to show the most incredible textile collection. A very peaceful destination with not a tour party in sight; definitely one for the textiles aficionado.


Mantar Jantar Observatory, Jaipur

I had an amazing time at the Observatory, it is incredible that in the 18th Century they created such accurate and beautiful instruments to determine the time and the stars.


Amber Fort, Jaipur

So fascinating to see how the maharajas lived absolutely, no expense spared and no surface left unembellished! They made a complete world for themselves behind those impressive amber walls, it is almost like a fairy tale castle.



Jaipur Modern 

This mid century bungalow is a really brilliant example of modern Indian architecture. The food was delicious and sourced straight from their organic farm. 

We're hoping that it will be an annual pilgrimage as there is still so much to explore and discover.