'A Day to Remember' July 29, 2019 00:00

Earlier this year Charlene was approached by Case furniture along with 14 other designers to create fabric to reupholster the iconic 675 chair designed by Robin Day. The 15 unique chairs will be displayed in an exhibition at Heals on Tottenham Court Road from 31st July. An online auction will begin on 1st August with the proceeds of the auction going to the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation. Find out more about the foundation here.


Charlene's design,Two Moons, is beautifully embroidered with colourfast tapestry wool on 100% natural linen and inspired by Ellsworth Kelly's bold and abstract art. The combination of simple block colours with the contours of hand embroidery fit perfectly with the classic design of the 675 chair. This piece is a one-off and is only available to buy through the online auction which begins 1st August.

For more information please visit Case's website.